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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

Very convenient if you need to post to both at once, clunky if you only wanted Facebook anyway! Photos are uploaded at full resolution if you pick 'High' in the posting dialog again, Facebook reduces this to 2mp. Gravity's Facebook module homescreen, everything's hierarchically arranged, which takes some getting used to, but is fast and effective once you get your head around the structure; browsing my Facebook newsfeed Looking at a friend's wall and browsing through one of their photo albums Although you can't zoom on the screen, you can save any picture to your local disk; uploading a photo, with status update, to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time A web-like all-white timeline that scrolls smoothly if everything's loaded, but which stutters if there are inline images still being downloaded and rendered.

For the same reason, the timeline also sometimes goes blank briefly and then re-renders on-screen. There are no font options, though the Nokia default is well chosen. Feed filters let you pick out a particular group of people or Facebook group's posts. Sometimes going into albums and then trying to swipe through photos is like watching paint dry - very slow going indeed.

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You also can't zoom photos or download them to your phone, which is also disappointing. Uniquely, you can upload multiple photos in one go, though obviously with the same attached comment. Images are uploaded at full resolution again, and only subject to Facebook's 2mp treatment. The default newsfeed view, resolutely black-on-white oh my poor battery! At any point you can pop up the 8-icon main menu, with red flags to indicate things you might want to take action on, or look at; Browsing a friend's photo album. Oh dear. This screenshot was taken 20 seconds after entering the album and Nokia Social still hadn't finished rendering more than one tiny thumbnail!

Uploading photos to my own timeline, with support for multiple images in one go! If you're not too bothered about browsing photos and if you have an LCD-equipped device e. Nokia then maybe I'd recommend it. Facial is quite a bit better but still astonishingly immature in its UI, even after two years of development - maybe it's too late at this stage to rewrite this too? It certainly feels like a UI and architecture that needs rethinking. Gravity is a lot more polished and only really held back by the fact that its UI and architecture were originally designed around Twitter, so we get a certain hierarchification if that's not a word, then I'm calling dibs on it right now!

The Facebook phone? Top options on Symbian

If you need the best Twitter client as well not the mention the other services supported then this is still your best option overall though. If the developer could get these fixed then the score would be ten points higher. Taking it very close to Its interface has been tweaked over the last two years to the point where it's near perfect and intuitive at every turn.

Facebook client Kasvopus v0.9.4 for Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo

All core Facebook functions are handled well and right now if you just want a 'great Facebook client' then this is the one to head for. Highly recommended.

Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Symbian, Nokia Belle Computer company. Community See all. About See All. Related Pages. LaraAdmin Computer company. CCNA Computer company. Smcracks Computer company. Happily, fMobi also now has the ability to send genuine Facebook messages to friends, without using workarounds. Photos can be accessed through the main feed or by tapping on a friend and then using 'Photos' on the very Symbian Belle-like menu.

Thumbnails appear quickly in a beautifully animated fashion. Individual photos then come up quickly too and even higher resolution versions appear within a few seconds, complete with powerful 'zoom in' bar and 'nudge' buttons to the next image. All that's missing is 'swipeability'! There's the handy facility to download images, though they're limited in resolution by Facebook's own sad restrictions, of course. There's a dedicated 'Photo upload' function, where you pick an 'Album' to upload to and then pick from thumbnailed photos on your phone.

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These take a while to build each time, as with Gravity, and the caching isn't perfect because they still don't appear immediately next time round either. This was tested on an N8 with a few hundred photos in my Photos gallery - more optimisation needed here, I think. Even just displaying thumbnails for the last 20 photos say would work better. I liked the Friends browser, combining a side scrolling alphabet index with vertically scrolling names. You can also respond to Facebook friend requests here. There's support for Facebook Chat, for those friends who are online, plus a great Groups browser, to see what you've been invited to and news of events.

Talking of what's upcoming, there's even a Facebook Calendar module, good for spotting people's birthdays. A sumptuous kinetic interface, in light or AMOLED-friendly dark themes, and with animated transitions that are fast enough not to get in the way, spolied only by the tiny body text font used for posts - this is just about readable in the light theme but very hard to make out in the dark one. Symbian Belle guidelines are largely followed, with a 'Back' button prominent and with the facinate 'home' two page menu only ever one screen tap away.

Innovatively, side swiping is used in most modules to access further views - very akin to Windows Phone 7, and very appropriate for Facebook with its multifarious linked sets of data. Nicely formatted, aside from the too-small body font, with a nice presentation of thumbnails, post titles, linked items, embedded photos and more.

The Facebook phone? Top options on Symbian

Every dozen or so posts, you have to tap on 'Load more' - this is done, as with other clients here, to keep the amount of RAM being used sensible, but it's easy enough to load up as much as you like, if you have the free RAM and patience for scrolling through it all! Swiping right from a friend to view their photos is very smoothly implemented. The first thumbnails appear in an album after five seconds and the rest shortly afterwards. Tapping through and then rotating the phone, you can swipe through all the photos in an album, with caching meaning that the next few you want to swipe to have already been loaded.

Very nicely done. Also of note here are facinate's nice Birthday browser and the way it can optionally pop-up notifications on your Symbian homescreen in a dedicated 'facinate' overlay. Although free, facinate is ad-supported, with banner ads inserted in the news flow and present on important confirmation dialogs e. The ads don't get in the way and it's good to have a totally free alternative to the other top contenders here. In Nokia Store.

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Surprisingly quick to load and you're instantly in your main news feed, with thumbnails, inline comments, the works. And it's all kinetically scrolled and in OLED-friendly white on black, though there's a 'white' theme you can tick in the settings if you simply must have everything in black on white.

You can set the 'auto-refresh' in the background frequency on your feeds, though the default is 10 minutes and it's nice to have the option to refresh feeds manually by tapping on the main 'home' button or by tapping the time banner. Easy enough, then, though you have to wait while updates are fetched. Beautifully done, though there's no explicit filtering of posting types. Also, having to tap on 'More' to get a 'page 2' of updates explains why the first ones were shown so quickly but gets a bit tireseome sometimes.

And then, having clicked further, you have to tap on a button go back a page, rather than having all the updates in one seamless stream I did like the way that notifications were shown with a red button, indicating that action is needed. You can drill down into Friends and then Photos to produce a list of Albums or you can 'Open album' from a photo in a newsfeed.

Either way, album graphics appear quite quickly, photo thumbnails just as quickly and photos themselves faster than any other client here except 'facinate' - turn the phone into landscape mode for best resolution and effect. As with facinate, you can swipe to move from one photo to the next - swipe slowly and the next image will have been cached, swipe quickly and you have to wait while a progress bar loads.

Plus you get the standard Facial screen furniture - a full-screen photo browsing mode would have been neater. Includes a 'Search' facility, looking for your search string in the names of people, events, groups and pages. It works well and is a good starting point for discovery.

I loved the homescreen widget, you tap it to load the next update - so with a handful of taps on the homescreen, you've caught up with the last few posts from all your friends. Very neat. Almost as fully featured as fMobi and facinate, but what is here is done very well, I quite liked the quirky button interface that often saves screen real estate. The original demo app for what could be achieved with kinetic scrolling and a responsive UI, Gravity excels here. Primarily a Twitter client, Facebook and other functionality does seem at times a bit of an afterthough.

So context-sensitive tappable buttons aren't always where you'd think they'd be. Still, a good start and I'm looking forwards to the full release version.