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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

Be advised that there is a setup process involved with these apps, so you might have to spend a few minutes setting up your device on your smartphone before getting started. This is one of the most popular remote desktop clients available on Android and a bunch of other major platforms. It has been around for a while, which has made it a trusted name in the industry. Further, you can initiate file transfers from both sides, so you get complete control of your desktop without being anywhere close to it.

Further, you can view video files in HD quality from your smartphone, making this a truly spectacular remote desktop app to have. You can also have chats on your computer just as you would if you were sitting in front of it. All things considered, this is one of the most robust and functional remote desktop apps out there for your Android smartphone or tablet.

These Android apps will help you control your Windows 10 PC remotely

The app is completely free to download and there are no ads or in-app purchases. This app has been one of the few remote desktop clients, like TeamViewer, that has stood the test of time. Microsoft Remote Desktop Price: It works about the same way. You install the client on your computer and this app on your phone. The two should let your devices connect to one another. The positive part is you not needing a Google Chrome installation for this one to work on Windows devices.

The bad news is the performance is about the same so you're not really getting a better product. In any case, it's a solid option and a good free alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop. Splashtop is a less popular, but still fairly successful remote desktop app. It works like the others with dual apps on your computer and Android device.

5 best remote desktop apps for Android! - Android Authority

You can access anything on your computer from your phone on your local network. This lets you access your device on any network, including any WiFi network or mobile data. The app also lets you access your webcam to check up on your home without too much trouble. It worked as well as Chrome and Microsoft did in our testing. TeamViewer Price: Free for personal use. TeamViewer is kind of the obvious choice for remote desktop apps.

It gives remote access to your computer from your Android device. It's a little bit more complicated of a setup, but it works just as well as one would expect. It also includes features like file transfers in both directions, encryption, and real-time sound and HD video transmission.

There are features included for helping, say, a friend or coworker. However, it works perfectly fine for just goofing around on your computer as well. The app is entirely free for personal use. Those who use it for business need a subscription. But it also goes beyond that — with these Android apps you can do anything you would do on your Windows 10 PC , and you can do it all from your bed or your car, or while camping. There are several Android apps which can control Windows 10 through your phone, via WiFi, Bluetooth or any internet connection available.

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There are basically two kinds of applications which help you to control Windows 10 computer with an Android phone — one does so through transferring the screen of your PC on your phone. While, the other uses a mouse, which is similar to a remote control for controlling a Windows computer with an Android phone. Here are the best android apps to control Windows 10 from the phone.

Windows 10 on Android - Remote Desktop

This Android app also uses Bluetooth or WiFi to control your Windows 10 PC, and its remote also has an incredible number of useful features. Besides a regular keyboard and mouse, you also have programs like Powerpoint and Excel. This app uses the Remote Desktop feature to let you view the home screen of your Windows 10 system. It also has more than 25 console games which you can play with the touchpad.

This app can be downloaded here. This app transfers your PC to your phone and lets you control it from there. It is accessed through a remote, and you need a Google account to use the features of the remote.

5 Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager For Android

One of the best features of this desktop app is the flawless screen sharing feature. Users have found this app to be incredibly helpful, as it makes it is practical and very user-friendly. You can use it with a touchpad, like on your phone, or you can get a mouse. The only thing you need is to be signed into Google Chrome with your Google id.

This app could be downloaded from here. KiwiMote is one of the best reviewed and widely used Android apps.

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  5. It works through WiFi, and requires your system and phone to be connected to the same hotspot or router — you can do so by scanning a QR code, or you can ask for a Pin, to connect the two. But this app would require you to install Java on your system. This app can be downloaded from here.