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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

To take your fascination for panoramic photos to the all-new level, we have lined up ten best apps to let you capture degree panoramas. Most significantly, they let you snap panoramas with utmost ease. DMD Panorama can take your love for photos and videos to the next level. The app has been designed to work with the front camera to let you snap cool selfies. Depending on your need, you can edit tags, geo-location, and privacy settings. Connect with your Flickr account and use the 3D viewer to bring life to your photos.

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  4. Best iPhone Panorama Apps to take 360-degree Panoramic Photos and Videos.

Make the best use of the Aviary image editor to quickly add text, frame and improve the quality of images. The filter effects instantly enhance the appearance of your photos. Use stickers to bring some fun-loving charm to your images. Even better, you can create fantastic collages a lot easier with the build pane.

Free Download. It works effectively in letting you snap pano shots. I like its clean its interface that seems familiar from the word go. You can access all of your captured photos from the built-in album. Your entire data is backed to Okka cloud for additional security. Another notable feature of this panorama app is the support for several languages including English, Dutch, French, German and more.

PanoSelfie is specifically readied for the folks who wish to capture spectacular selfies. That apart, it lets you snap group selfies a bit more comfortably. Interestingly, it adds a beautiful background to your photos to make them look better. Hence, if you are going out for a long drive or picnic with your friends, this app can really light up your selfie time with aplomb.

360 Panorama Tutorial (For iPhones)

Panorama is one of the simplest panorama photo capture apps you can ever get your hands on. For capturing awesome degree pano shots, Rollei is a pretty good option. You can check out the live view on the display to ensure your photos are up to the mark. You will access all of your saved pics and even edit them. Rollei lets you save your images and share them with friends via social networking apps. Getting the best out of your iOS device, it stitches panos perfectly and instantly. You can use a gyroscope to interact with your pics.

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  • The app supports both landscape and portrait mode so you can snap cool shots in your fav mode. Use the flashlight to capture stunning images even in dark. Furthermore, the app lets you share your captivating photos via multiple social apps like Facebook, Twitter and more. There are also over 60 filters to let you decorate your shots. You can take a look at multiple FX with live preview before taking a shot.

    Create a fascinating collage with some of your finest images. You will also take the full advantage of HD video recording to snap wonderful moments. Moreover, you get various handy editing tools to enhance the quality of your pics and videos. And I have found this app spot on.


    The cost to make virtual reality tours for real-estate. Photaf camera app features automatic image stitching, degree panorama, photosphere, social media sharing. Extra possibilities include HD mode, portrait mode, etc. O n the other hand, there is a free version with ads and in-app purchasing. In-app advertising appears when the app launches and stays active on screen in the center or in the bottom part.

    This is probably one of the most feature-packed camera apps. Although, the Android app is primarily aimed at viewing three-dimensional VR images on your phone or through a headset with phone inserted. In order to view properly, a phone should also have the accelerometer and the gyroscope. Its motion-sensitive panorama viewer brings you only best scenery from all over the world.

    Best 360 camera apps for Android

    To create and upload your own content you need to use Roundme web service. So with this video app you can explore places, nature and cities from best photographers, architects and artists. You can also search any place on the planet through the app and enjoy panoramic views. Social media and feed included, surely. Moreover, this photo sphere app promises discounts to non-profit organizations.

    Pro account provides more comfortable use terms: Pano app comes with reliable functionality to create 3D images, nice UI, and panorama building. It uses up to 16 images from a smartphone and a semi-transparent guide on a screen to navigate your actions. Such extra options as photo alignment and color correction make it one of the best camera apps.

    Created panoramas saved onto your phone. The beauty of this app is its single purpose — to take nice degree pictures and store them on a phone. Nothing else, nothing excessive. Version for iPhone and Windows phones are also available as of lately. To check out what images people take with Pano, go to official Pano camera app group. Pano has no more additional paid features.

    ‎ Panorama on the App Store

    So you get access to all it contains and functionality kit once and for all. Ever wondered how Paris looks from the sky? Want to get closer to glaciers in Antarctica? Sphere camera app you are free to take virtual tours around the globe and enjoy panoramic views. As title suggests, with this app you can create great-looking spherical images while you travel and share it with your friends.

    This project started back in and won various tech awards by Mashable, Wired, Travel Weekly. Users can search content by category, by location or check related events. You can also build a newsfeed in the app to follow favorite photographers. And of course, taking panoramic pictures yourself is possible mainly with Samsung phones so far. Free app. So we are half down the road, and as you can see camera apps are gaining traction. Which is no wonder if take into account huge popularity of virtual reality and videos of any sort on YouTube.

    Yet most of panorama apps only offer viewing experience. And the tendency naturally appears, that more of them will focus on user generated content. And there are truly certain features sending this camera app to the top.

    10 best 360 camera apps – The ultimate guide

    Secondly, a hands-free mode for degree images. Phone automatic rotation all way round if put on a smooth surface resulting in full panoramas, that one can view in headsets as well. With over 20 million downloads, Cycloramic is a great mobile app to create panoramic images fast and easy. And it works really fast — it takes about 5 seconds to capture degree panorama.

    So 10 seconds for full image. What is also incredible is the ability to transfer images into videos, in medium or high resolution. Cycloramic provide full access to all app features after it purchased. So, no need to spend more to unlock better features. Yet another Panorama-titled app, but all is not so simple in this case.

    By that we mean, that this application both for iOS and Mac applies a really scientific approach to image stitching. The app does not warp horizontal image edges to form a panorama.

    Google launches 360-degree Photo Sphere Camera app for iOS

    They, of course, do not reveal the algorithm in use, but resulting images appear rather flat and less spherical. The app automatically adds geographical location data on pictures users take. One cool feature standing out is horizontal or vertical panorama selection — to choose a shooting method, resulting in variety of possibilities. Users can also export separate original images out of a panoramic view.

    Best 360 camera apps for iPhone

    Plenty of editing back-and-forth options as well. While the app is free for use on iPhones and iPads it have limited content, features and options. In other words, to make something really great you have to use Mac version. Formerly known as Photonomie, FOV is in the line of best camera app for iPhone that works in real-time mode.

    You are not only able to make panoramic images by moving around your phone horizontally. The app works in such way that you can move in all directions while taking a pic.