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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

They made the right call, for the most part, although some viewers were upset by it or too saddened to survive it.

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Cause of death: Honestly hate that guy in the Samsung Galaxy commercial who is just sooooooo unhappy surrounded by penguins that he has to use his watch to light some dumbass twinkle lights for his kid or whatever. Just me? That stupid Samsung commercial has led me to fall into a brief Keane wormhole and now I'm unnecessarily sad. A Keane song that my husband put on the first mix tape fine, playlist he ever made me is currently being used in a Samsung commercial and it makes me want to rip the television off the wall how dare you.

You can't dispute the man's greatness. He's not even dead yet and he's already got a "Bohemian Rhapsody"-style biopic coming out next year.

From Elvis impersonators to singing boxes, this year's ads struck a few billion nerves

This ad is mushy, no question. We're dragged back to the day Elton John got his first piano for Christmas. The thing is, it's a true story. The problem? It may have been too effective as an ad for Elton John. Everyone is talking about the Elton John commercial and nobody remembers the brand.

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Bad ad. The Elton John commercial is following me around calling me dad pic. Hobbies include: Me watching that Elton John commercial pic. Am I the only one who loves this Elton John commercial but has no idea what exactly jlandpartners is selling with it? Are they a gift-wrapping company? Amazon is now using "Can You Feel It? This is a solid commercial, but it's just that.

It's just very easy to get sick of it. And it's far from the truth of dealing with boxes when you're returning them, or picking them up from an understaffed facility with 70 other people ahead of you in line. There's no need to ask whether you can feel "it" — in this case, a primal scream rising up from your gut.

Not a fan. The way the Amazon ads keep getting progressively louder, I feel like "Can You Feel it" is going to be a death metal song bu December 22nd. Can you feel it? There are plenty of other commercials out there this year. Love them or hate them, there's only one way to escape them: Michael Tanenbaum PhillyVoice Staff.

Watch Issa Rae Rise to Fame in Samsung Galaxy Note9 Commercial

Hall of Fame. Healthy Eating. Philly Pops to perform hits of Queen. Learn healthy recipes at this weekly cooking class. Get glam for Oscars viewing party in Center City. Menu PhillyVoice. More Culture: December 12, Twitter reacts to 's most polarizing holiday commercials From Elvis impersonators to singing boxes, this year's ads struck a few billion nerves. Holidays Commercials.

Philly Pops to perform hits of Queen

The Elvis impersonators What do you know? Guilfoil johnguilfoil December 19, RedCross worst holiday commercial ever stopmakingchristmassosad changeyourcommercial — Jilly Beans beans November 23, Bunch darinbunch November 16, I'm confused Amazon turned a terrifying premise into a pretty fun commercial, although we'll probably never look at packages the same after this. Granted, for all the top-level production, the execution here isn't as natural as this viral video of eggs in a frying pan rapping as Busta Rhymes. Airplanes A Virgin Atlantic plane hit mph over Pennsylvania last night.

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