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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

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Ultimate List! 23 iPhone Apps to Add Text to Photos

This might be the holy grail of photo editing apps for inspirational Instagram posts. First things first: I hate this app. Font Candy. After the frustration and disappointment that was InstaQuote, I was cautiously optimistic about Font Candy. Solid app, would totally use again. Not all free apps are created equally, but most are pretty great at getting your message across.

Find one that offers font styles, background colors and design elements that fit your taste, then go forth and start editing your inspirational quotes today! Enjoy pictures of her dog by following her on twitter or Instagram lindseyblue. The app also allows you to use several different layers, which may be quite useful if you want to have a complete control over the text you are adding to your photo.

The After Photo app is free, but in-app purchases are required to remove the watermark or to gain access to different packages offered by the app's manufacturer.

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Stickers are fun and add the arty feel to photos, which is the reason why the Stickr app is the perfect choice for iPhone users who want to create awesome photos without wasting too much time on it. The app features three hundred built-in stickers that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

How to Add Text to Your Pictures With PicsArt

The app enables you to create a scrapbook effect on your photos, but applying too many stickers and filters may result in a terrible photo, so always pay attention to how your photo looks like. In order to gain access to more stickers, you'll need to buy different packs offered by the manufacturer. However, the built-in collection of stickers is more than enough to create creative photos your friends will adore. PicLab features fonts from some of the best designers of our generation.

This app was originally a photo editing app which is the reason why it still offers relatively advanced photo editing features.

Top 5 Apps to Add Text to Photos for Instagram

PicLab let you rotate text or format text in a wide variety of ways, while its users also have access to a collection of artwork they can use on their photos. The Collage feature enables you to combine several photos while Overlays and Masks options can be used to further enhance your photos. More in-app purchases may be necessary if you want to utilize all the features provided by the PicLab app.

Photo & Typography

The combination of text and photos can be very effective and it can be used to tell humorous stories or create inspirational quotes that contain the core values your business stands for. The apps featured on this list will enable you to add text to photos even though you don't consider yourself a photo editing guru, but more importantly, you'll be able to enhance your photos and make social media hits out of them.

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Image source: By Liza Brown. Typic is another cool app to write text on pictures in a stylish fashion. With this app you can create quotes, design greeting and business cards, flyers and posters, even posts for your favorite social networks.

Top 5 Apps to Add Text to Photos for Instagram –

You can also design your own logo and add it to your images for increased protection and more online exposure. You can export your masterpieces in three different modes: Portrait, Landscape or Square and instantly share them on social media or email them to family and friends. WordFoto makes it really easy to arrange and fit words into pictures.

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Designed with a space finding and word filling algorithm, the app allows you to select from a preset list of words suitable for different occasions or insert and edit your own messages. WordFoto comes designed with eight preset styles that can be fine-tuned to your liking. For that purpose you can adjust basic parameters like the colors and font types, as well as various others like shadows, highlights, brightness or contrast.

The app also includes a cropping editor which enables you to move the focus on a particular area. You have the option to use your own photo or select one of the numerous pre-designed backgrounds, create and personalize your own text and move, scale and rotate it. At the same time you can access the design packs and choose from the multitude of design elements available.