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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

Brain Challenge 3: Think Again

With 49 games in six categories, Left vs Right lets you exercise both sides of your brain. You can start your daily training with a tap and play four thought-provoking games. Memorize items that customers order and then recall who ordered what. Watch the shapes move and tap the fastest one. Calculate your share of the bill based on the total and what your friends are paying.

These are the types of games that test your memory, reflexes, and reasoning. You can grab Left vs Right for free. Subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan gives you all categories each day, plus progress reports.

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When you have a few minutes to spare for a game , train your brain with Left vs Right. Head to class for some brain training fun in Brain School.

Brain Challenge - Brain Training Game 1.0.4 Update

With perplexing puzzles, challenging math questions, and logic games that make you think, this is a great way to hone your mental skills. In its school theme, the app takes you through four years of testing. Each year contains a different set of games with five levels each. Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More to match the image, and a magic hat shell game. And you can access reports of how well you do in each year.

Brain School for iOS Free. Peak is another cool way to train your brain with fun and games. Each day you are greeted with a random collection of games that test areas like memory, attention, problem solving, and creativity skills. You may need to create words from the letters displayed, paint tiles based on the numbers in the columns and rows, or tap faces showing certain emotions.

There are over 35 games, statistics for your performance in each category, and achievements you can earn. With four workouts available for free, you can test yourself each day with something new. If you want more, Peak has a pro version that opens 16 daily workouts, unlimited access to 45 games, replays, and relaxing challenges. If this one piqued your interest, then check out Peak.

Peak for Android iOS Free, subscription available. If not, what makes this app a great challenge is that you have a daily workout that will put your problem-solving, memory, and overall thinking skills to the test. The games in Lumosity are unique and enjoyable while stimulating at the same time. You may be in a race car testing your reflexes, swiping leaves depending on their colors to test your memory, or assembling puzzle pieces to test your problem-solving abilities. You can challenge yourself to over 40 games, get detailed statistics, and see where you excel.

Play Lumosity for free and if you like it, take a look at the paid premium plan which gives you workout mode choices, access to all games, tracking, and more. Lumosity is fun, challenging, and definitely worth a look. Lumosity for Android iOS Free, subscription available. Own an Apple Watch? Remember, you can play games on your wrist too. These great Apple Watch games let you solve puzzles, explore, and more right on your wrist.

Read More you might enjoy. More of a challenging game for your brain than a test like others on the list, Brain Dots is a fun physics-based puzzler.

Brain Challenge 3 Think Again!

Download APK 8. Brain challenge is a brain training game with beautiful graphics and animation for brain exercise. This exciting brain game comes with 8 mini-games to test your brain in 4 categories: Complete a randomly selected mini-game in all 4 categories in a single challenge. Each mini-game lasts for 60 seconds. Answer as fast and accurate as possible. There is penalty score for wrong answer.

Gameloft | Brain Challenge™

Use training mode to improve your brain skills in different areas. Beat your own score or sign in to Google Play to compete with your friends and the rest of the world!

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The cards move! Google Play Leaderboard and Achievements 2. Training - train in each mini-game.

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