This is an issue I have with every gundam show especially Zeta, that one has preteens and gradeschooler lifting a moble suit every other episode. I will keep this concise, because spoilers and summaries of Gundam seem to me more than just an excercise in redundancy- it's dull. Set in the original Gundam universe, U. Rookie mobile suit pilot Kou, of the rapid-steady rotting Federation, seeks to, in what I gathered, redeem and prove himself in MS combat against One Year War veteran Gato of the Zeon forces.

Gato has stolen a prototype Gundam capable of lunching nuclear assault, and left Kou watching with much to prove to both his enemies and allies. This is what I found interesting about the series. Despite the obvious threat Gato poses, the focus of the main character seems to be on himself, rather than Earth and its protecting of and yaddayadda. Excellent battle sequences and, I think, Kou develops as a character, quite nicely. Definitely not as heart-wrenching as Nowhere near as brilliant as 08th Team. Notably, it is a very good tie in between the original series and Zeta.

This series is definitely worth a watch. It is perhaps the most "realistic" of all the Gundam series, leaving Newtypes and those new-fangled Coordinators out of the picture and replacing these protagonists with very natural pilots with talent and developed ability. More thought and strategy than ESP going on, in I've been a fan of Gundam since Wing premiered in the States. Not having enjoyed Turn A, Victory, or G Gundam, whomever is reading this can take that into account when deciding whether or not to delve into their wallets and purchasing this collection. It's worth it for the episodes, but don't expect much more.

The day Bandai gives us our money's worth for being Gundam fans is the day we can die happy after watching said DVDs, of course. That being said, keep in mind that the voice acting can either be bad, spotty, or just downright annoying at any given time s throughout this series. Hail Zeon! The animation is very high quality, with awesome mechanical designs. The actions great with large mobile suit battles and Gundam Vs. Gundam action. The stories pretty good with one or two cool twists,it has a little bit of romance a lot of action, and it foreshadows some of the events of Zeta Gundam.

Its a really good buy considering your saving abut 30 to 40 dollars. Although it takes place between the stories of the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series and the first sequel, 's Zeta Gundam TV series, Gundam was created in the early '90s, which complicates story matters somewhat, particularly for the hard core Gundam fan who works hard to rationalize the minutae of this fictional universe. But for everyone else, this is a great action show, most episodes having at least one decent-length combat sequence, and some having multiple.

The action is top-notch; not quite as flashy as can be found now, fifteen years after it Gundam began, but even so there is enough highly-detailed action to please nearly anyone.

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The rest of the story, however, is more than a little cliche, even for anime. The protagonist, Kou Uraki, is only marginally better at combat than he is at dealing with women, so it may seem odd that he is assigned the prototype Gundam GP mobile suit rather than one of the more experienced pilots who enters the scene after the nuclear-armed Gundam GPA is stolen by hard-core Zeon holdouts who refuse to admit that Zeon lost the war depicted in the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series.

The Earth Federation, meanwhile, is consistantly portrayed as small-minded, weak, and corrupt; so much so that the characters themselves wonder how the Federation managed to win the previous war. On the flip side, only the clean part of Zeon is represented in this show, despite the fact that the backstory of one of the characters presents her as a participant in Zeon's ethnic cleansing program which wiped out approximately half of the human race.

But, as I said, none of this is presented in the show, so don't worry too much about it. Action is the centerpeice of this story, and all other considerations tend to be sacrificed in order to arrange combat between the major characters. The action is good; the mechanical designs by industry giants Shoji Kawamori and Hajime Katoki are constantly in the spotlight, and the majority of the action scenes were lovingly detailed by the animation staff.

So, if you prefer a fast pace, lots of action, and a minimum of exposition, this is definitely a show you should consider. Then why the hell wasn't she in trouble too? Just found it funny how nobody bothered to question her about this. Meh first third was just Pornstache being a douche. I'm a bit disappointed that the other 2 pilots seemed to condone his behavior towards the women on the ship. Lmao I can't believe that Keith's bladder problems led to Blau Engel being revealed as the mole.

Is Keith the true hero of this story? Aaaaand he's able to get away. Haha I love the security in this place. I didn't catch his name but I really liked the commander of the Diamond Mine base.

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The fact that the war seemed to have strained him mentally humanized him. Hell he didn't even want to take credit for well thought out plan. He was even willing to shoot down Blau Engel to keep the base secret. Now that's one cold blooded motherfucker. Yay more Pornstache. So on top of all his other amazing traits, he's an idiot who's easily baited. I'd be okay with him falling for the trap had he at least considered the possibility that it was a trap. FFS you're supposed to be the experienced one here!

Damn despite everyone's efforts Unit 2 got away.

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It's weird since I felt a bit of satisfaction that Commander Unbreakable's plan actually worked. Really sucks for the Federation though. So far I'm still enjoying the show but Pornstache is somewhat hurting my enjoyment. Also Nina seems to be losing agency as her character becomes more centered on Kou.

It's not too major but something I can't help but notice compared to how she was portrayed in episode 1. Indeed, it was a nice touch to see his guilt as he breaks down in the remains of Allen's room. They were fighting in the ruins that was the test site of that souped up Custom Grunt Mobile from back in Episode 1.

And yeah, I do like the touch that they were brawling in the wreckage, makes things unstable and chaotic you know? I never thought about that Comrade, now THAT is a kinda big plot hole to bring up, excellent analysis and critical thinking there. Step 2: Step 3: Indeed Comrade, UC Gundam: That and this commander was not only willing to risk and sacrifice his own life, BUT he made sure to both complete his mission to help Gato AND also save the lives of the rest of his men to boot.

Burning's Immortal Fourth Team after all. Like, I can see making a character in a show unpleasant and all, but did they REALLY have to make the most unlikable sexist asshole piece of garbage ever? Oh, and after Episode 7, the show switched directors You will see what I mean ;. Anyway, great write-up on Episodes 3 and 4 Comrade!

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Glad that you liked my theory Comrade! Hooray on both accounts then Comrade, I do hope that you continue to have fun for both series, have a great day and thanks for your kind reply! Kou actually did a lot to endear me to him this episode. Between his sassy salute, "we'll follow you with diapers ready" and willing to see the merit in Monsha's strategy even when it went belly-up was nice to see. He seems like a nice fella, but it's still kinda shallow you know? His development is still paper-thin.


Monsha's idea to get the enemy base revealed was a nice touch but it backfired by the Zeon suicidal-defence. I'm on the fence with this one. On the other, he really should have considered the possibility of ambush, even if they looked pretty desperate by shooting their own man down. I thought blonde guy might have been just going with the flow and tolerating Monsha, but he is another jerk too. I bet the black hair'd fellow will also become a jerk soon.

I don't know why is going so far into the deepend to make its protagonist-side's-internal antagonism so damn high. You are correct Comrade, at this stage, Kou's showing some nice character stuff, but not much change and development. Just keep this fact in mind, I will explain more later. You bring up a good point Comrade. That and Alphabet Asshole was just patronizing and snide to Mora, and I can't stand those type of people.

I'm not a fan of this either Comrade, but hey, on the plus side, Best Girl shows up next episode The Downside Anyway, great write-up Comrade, and if you'd like, you can take a look at the Episode Five Threads under-construction, provided that you have seen Episode Five that is.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

It's funny you say that because it can be done well. Aliens and The Thing are some of my favourite movies of all time precisely because they nailed this. Mora seems kinda generic Token Black Girl form the 90s and it's really showing how Hollywood influenced this whole affair is but I am glad she's putting a stop to these testosterone junkies.

See here for my Comment Face Reaction Comrade! Indeed, I always thought of her as the equivalent to Aliens' Vasquez, as she's the badass that has NO time for the flyboy's macho bullshit. AND can also kick their goddamn asses to boot!

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You'll see how this worked out Comrade. Monsha and that blonde friend of his are assholes.

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The only good guy is the one with black hair. It felt good when Maria kicked their asses pretty hard. I'm starting to understand why is called the worst Gundam entry, Monsha plays a huge part in this. Why was his character even included. He's also stupid, he didn't even include the possibility that it would be an ambush. The spy was finally found out, I'm starting to hate Zeon a bit more now because of their reaction to Orville, but it's war so I guess they have to take some measures.

At first I thought the base commander of Zeon was running away from the battle when he told to someone that he'll be the base commander and ordered him. But he sacrificed himself so that the HLV could escape so he's pretty good. No worries Comrade, from MY perspective it's early, so you're fine! Glad to see you could make it!

Yup, he went out in a blaze of glory AND made sure that his surviving men would live to see another day. Indeed Comrade! Burning needs to go kick names and take ass! Then again, both of them ARE still alive, but you can't always get what you want. The fuck dude, you deserved to be chucked by Mora. Okay forget whatever Nina ends up doing to make people hate her, Monsha is through-and-through an asshole.

Keith plowing into Burning was bad on him, but hey he wound up outing Orville as a Zeon spy. Original Title: Mobile Suit Gundam Stardust Memory. The action of the film takes the audience into the distant future, which is not so cloudless. On the contrary, the large consumption of minerals makes the inhabitants of the Earth to go to the creation of a near-planetary orbit, which houses several generators that produce all that is so necessary to mankind.