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With about half of billion downloads, the MX Player is expected to This free media player won't cost you anything expect when you want to try.

Our team not without the help of volunteers conscientiously held examination of the appendix almost at all models of the telephones. How install Viber on the telephone Nokia N97 from your own computer Take into account that this variant will not be easy for all. For "green hand" it will be difficult, because not everybody use computer excellent, and you don't have USB wire.

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That's why we advise trying the first way of the installation of Viber on the Nokia N97, and if you know how to do it here is detailed instruction in front of you: Download from this site Viber for Nokia N97; 3. Next you need to copy the installation file on your telephone it's better to the flash drive ; 4.

Viber for Symbian - Download

Shut off telephone from computer; 5. Start once more your telephone it's not necessary to do, but sometimes without restarting the program won't start ; 6. With the help of file manager find on your handy file Viber and begin installation; 7. Fulfill requests when the appendix is installing; 8. When the process of the installation is finished, open the application and make any call. I was happy to know that finally Viber is out for Symbian devices.

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Now, it allows us to connect with our friends whose also on Viber. I checked on their website and found out that Viber synchs with both mobile phone number and contact list to generate communication platform become very easy. It gives a notification to your friends that you are using Viber.

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  7. The app version is a bit buggy. Sometimes it exits out by itself, when you click on some option sometimes it freezes. And still no support for voice calling unlike Skype of Fring for Symbian. Still i would recommend this app to Symbian users to experience Viber on your devices. You can get this app on Nokia Store or on our applications section here. Viber for Nokia Lumia has been available before the Symbian version was released. This app works great on Lumia running on Windows Phone 7.

    The interface of Viber for Lumia devices is really great. The navigation is smooth as always and options are also accessible anywhere from the screen. You can share a photo and chat with your friends. The apps searches contacts from your phone book and email contacts. The settings screen shows options for the app. The options are just the same with the Symbian version. You can invite your contacts via SMS and Email.

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    Share your Viber experience on Facebook and Twitter. You can also turn on push notifications which is not present in Symbian and turn on location services. And you can deactivate your device from Viber. The feature of Viber app for Lumia is somewhat the same in Symbian. The app is so smooth on Windows Phone 7. Now you have Skype and Viber on your Lumia phone. Its just yesterday when Viber app has finally released its version to series40 s40 in the Nokia Store.

    Nokia N97 Software

    The interface looks better than the Symbian version. The Viber for S40 can be downloaded here.

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    Nokia S40 OS that have been tested and supported with Viber: Just make sure you have a good signal strength and that you can browse the net. Please help. Hi,I downloaded viber 2. Hi, It happened to me sometimes, When i use Viber, i access first the Internet Explorer to ensure that the data or wifi connection is alreayd connected then Ill use Viber.

    You can download Keep Alive app that enables the wifi even if the phone is locked. I hope Viber will update the app soon to fix some known issues. Viber is available for S60 v5. But when talking about viber call still its a shit…… We have to wait think so… Let c. Hi, well it depends on Viber on how fast they will deliver the viber call feature to Symbian devices.

    We hope that it will come soon…. Hi I have a nokia n8 but my viber doesnt make any calls, just send messages. What can I do? Do you think it will be released for devices like Nokia E5 etc? Check this https: Hi, ive downloaded viber on my phone, and it happen that when im going to launch the application it will always crash. Please help me NokiaRevolution. Is your Nokia S40 supported with Viber system requirements?

    Send free text messages from your Symbian phone

    Posted by Viber Support 1 on 05 September Hi yeasterday i reset my phone now i download again viber, and not work. Viber compatibility reference: Rply qyukkkklllieeeeeeeee…….!!! I downloaded viber for Nokia X But, when i open, it says: So, i need help if you know how to solve? No software supported Niether Wats up nor Viber? But current viber for Belle only works on chat. I just installed Viber in my C, but even though I am connected with a wifi connection, it still says I am not connected to the internet.

    I did check if the wifi is really connected, and it is. Thank you for the reply! Is there any other way to get it?